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Dr. Sun-Zen Chen / Associate researcher
Extension 42285 
E-mail szchen@mx.nthu.edu.tw
Specialism Nano and micro process integration and development, Organic light-emitting diode fabrication and design, Biosensor and biochip process customized design and development


Adjunct Professor
Name Dept. Specialism
Prof. Chih-Fang Huang Electrical Engineering High Power Devices and ICs, High Power RF Devices and ICs, Wide Bandgap Semiconductors
Prof. Ming-Chang Lee Electrical Engineering CMOS photonics components, III-V Ge on Si optoelectronics, Microfludic and bio-photonics
Prof. Po-Wen Chiu Electrical Engineering Carbon nanotubes, Nanoelectronics, Low-dimensional physics, Spintronics
Prof. Shiang-Cheng Lu Electrical Engineering CMOS microsensors, Microelectromechanical systems, Control systems
Prof. Meng-Chyi Wu Electrical Engineering III-V Compound Semiconductors, Epitaxy, Optoelectronic Devices
Prof. Shang-Hua Yang Electrical Engineering Terahertz Devices, Optoelectronics, Plasmonics, Wireless Communication Systems, Biomedical Imaging Systems
Prof. Chih-Huang Lai Materials Science and Engineering Spintronic Devices, MRAM, CIGS Solar Cell, Functional Thin Film and Nanostructure
Prof. Jenq-Gong Duh Materials Science and Engineering Multi-functional Coating and Surface Modification of Materials, Metallization and Solder Joint Reliability in Microelectronic Package, Fabrication of Cathode and Anode Materials for Li Ion Battery, Electron Microscopy and X-ray Microanalysis
Prof. Jien-Wei Yeh Materials Science and Engineering High Entropy Alloys, Reciprocating Extrusion Process, Microcrystal and Amorphous Alloys, Light Alloys, Superplasticity, Metal Matrix Composites
Prof. Ta-Jen Yen Materials Science and Engineering Metamaterials and Plasmon, Nano-device and Application, Bio-detection/materials, M/NEMS
Prof. Nyan-Hwa Tai Materials Science and Engineering Syntheses and Applications of Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes, Biosensors, Thin Film for Reduction of Industrial Waste Water, Electromagnetic Interference Shielding, Supercapacitors
Prof. Wen-Kuang Hsu Materials Science and Engineering Carbon Materials, Carbon Nanotubes, Carbon Fibers, Carbon and Glass Fiber Polymer Composite Materials, Graphitic, Radar Absorbing Materials (Stealth Coatings), Electrode Materials
Prof. Chi-Young Lee Materials Science and Engineering Chemistry Processing of Nanomaterials
Prof. Tri-Rung Yew Materials Science and Engineering Advanced Semiconductor Processing & Integration, Nanoelectronics, Bio- sensing/imaging, Green materials
Prof. Shang-Jr Gwo Physics
Nanomaterial/nanostructure physics, Surface and interface science, Group-III nitride materials for microelectronic and optoelectronic applications, Scanning probe microscopy and spectroscopy (SPM/SPS), Molecular-beam epitaxy (MBE), Photoelectron microscopy and spectroscopy
Prof. J.Andrew Yeh Power Mechanical Engineering
Solar Energy, Optofluids, Ambient Sensors
Prof. Wei-Leun Fang Power Mechanical Engineering
Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), Micro sensors, Micro actuators, Micro fabrication technologies, Micro testing technologies, Thin film materials characterization technologies
Prof. Cheng-Hsien Liu Power Mechanical Engineering Research where ElectroMechanical Engineering meets Photonics, Nano/Microsyetem, Bio and Medicine