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CNMM, Center for Nanotechnology, Materials Science and Microsystems, is established via combining two former centers, i.e., Materials Science Center and Nano Technology & MEMS Center.
Materials Science Center was established in 1984 to support the researches of academics and develop the demanded advanced techniques for industries. After 2000, Materials Science Center was focusing on characterizing the material properties under nano-scale and developing energy-relative techniques, such as solid-state batteries and fuel cell batteries.
Nano Technology & MEMS Center was established in 2002 to develop advanced nanotechnologies in optic-, photoelectric-, bio-, and chemical-field such as nano-TFTs, quantum dot embedded systems, NEMS and MEMS devices, carbon nanotube composing devices, and nanolithography techniques. It included Central Regional MEMS Research Center in 2003 to fulfill a small and well-developed laboratory. 
As realizing the hardware and human resources of the two former centers were highly overlapping and complementary, NTHU integrated these two centers in 2006.