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As progress in technology, the ever-changing semiconductor-composing devices become more and more indispensable in daily life, including 3C products, LED lights, solar cells, GPS navigators, IoTs, smart life concepted items, virtual reality fields, and artificial intelligence applications, etc. As known, Taiwan plays a crucial role in the semiconductor-related industry for owing both the world’s top-one manufacturing foundry and packaging company as well as excellent IC design and brilliant revenue. To spread and incubate the maker spirits into the teenagers, CNMM holds the five-day high school camp, i.e., Exploring the semiconductors-High school maker camp, to unveil the mystery of semiconductors to the students. The high school maker camp is characterized for the following four the-most lists. 
01. The most professional! The golden teaching faculty lineup consists of expert professors and outstanding Ph.D. students in NTHU. They deliver sophisticated knowledge in a simple and interactive way to reveal the mystery of the semiconductors and seed the science saplings in the minds.
02. The most solid! Focusing on the concept of “do it by yourself”, a series of experiments are designed to the teenagers to let them hand on the operations under the aids of teaching faculties. In this way, they can learn both theory and practice. 
03. The coolest! Introducing the preliminary IC design concepts combining with the step-by-step teaching lesson, the attendees can design the first IC by themselves. 
04. The hottest! The camp has the visiting tour of “TSMC Museum of Innovation” to explore the perspectives of semiconductors and to expand the horizons.